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Written by Tijs Moenen Tuesday, 02 March 2010 16:05
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Name Tijs Moenen
DJ Name Da Dreamer
Styles Early Rave / Mainstream Hardcore
Hometown Maastricht - The Netherlands
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Since 1995, I started listening to hardcore music and visiting parties. At this parties, I was always fascinated by the DJ’s. What they did with the music, I wanted that too!

From the year 2000 I had the urge to do something with my love for hardcore music, but it had never came true ... until the year 2006: my first mixer and 2 CD players were a fact! Despite the purchase I missed the “vinyl feeling" and a year later the CD players were replaced by TT's! Via my girlfriend I came in contact with a regional organisation in the south of The Netherlands and my first gig at 21th of December 2007 had become a reality! Finally my dream came true! (Hence my name…)

I started spinning early rave but since early 2009, I also spin mainstream hardcore.

When I spin early rave my mission for the people is: don’t forget the early rave sounds of years ago! Back to the early days! Delicious fast beats by the speakers to pop! Labels such as Ruffneck, Ruffex, BZRK, Babyboom and Dreamteam Productions are my favourites.

When I am booked for a mainstream hardcore set people can expect a build-up DJ set. Beautiful melodic beats with in the end of my DJ set hard punding tracks to finish my DJ set in style.


2010      Proud 2 Be Hardcore      The Real Revolution          
2009 Earthquake Hardcore To The Bone GBBR Masters of Hardcore Radio
Limburg Hardcore Invites Winner PFSquad & SMvJ DJ Contest Still Standing Strong Dangerous Showdown
Awarenezz Heart Beatz – The Anniversary Hardcore Maniacs Bassrave VS Oldschoolgangsters
2008 Winner Rige DJ Contest Megarave Intents Festival 2008